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4 Easy Ways To Coveniently Manage Your Health

v-Medico makes managing your health easier than ever. This innovative app allows you to schedule your entire medical process, from scheduling an appointment to receiving a prescription, all in one place. Your health can easily be managed in the palm of your hand. With v-Medico, telehealth services are more convenient than ever before.
A screenshot showing available physicians and appointments in the v-Medico app.

Easily Schedule Appointments In the App

The v-Medico app shows you a list of available physicians and open time slots for the next 30 days to schedule appointments. You’ll be able to select your preferred doctor, or have one recommended to you based on the purpose of your visit. v-Medico allows you to connect with your physician via Zoom using video or audio, depending on your needs and preferences. Within the app, you can easily reschedule and cancel appointments, as well as communicate with your doctor at any time.

Book Virtual or In-Person Visits

Within the app, you can choose to visit a physician either in-person or virtually. With the pandemic still being an issue in some areas, we understand if you’re not ready to sit in doctor offices and waiting rooms unless absolutely necessary. The whole purpose of this app is to allow patients a convenient and safe way to receive medical care. No matter your capabilities or preferences, we’ll make sure you receive high-quality healthcare as easily as possible.

A senior citizen holds a tablet during an online doctor visit.
Image of a doctor writing a prescription

Track Your Prescription

When you book a visit, you can provide required pharmacy information and any special delivery notes to streamline the prescription process. After seeing a physician and completing your visit, a prescription will be placed at your pharmacy of choice, or you can elect to use v-Medico’s Pharmacy Solutions. By signing up with our pharmaceutical services, you’ll receive competitive pricing and delivery perks. You’ll be able to track the status of your prescriptions and receive alerts when they are ready, too. For prescription refills, you’ll need to schedule another appointment with your physician. All of this and more is easily managed within the app. You’ll barely lift a finger.

v-Medico’s comprehensive app has made telehealth services incredibly easy and convenient to use. You’ll be able to manage every part of your healthcare in one place without taking a step out the door. Within the safety and comfort of your own home, you can book an appointment, complete your medical visit, and track prescriptions. No other medical service is as convenient or efficient. Download the app today to get started.