v-Medico | Virtual and Physical Walk-in Medical Clinic

Book online visit, Track your Prescription and use same-day free prescription delivery

Schedule a visit

Using v-Medico you can access the list of physicians and their available schedule and book an appointment that fits your schedule. v-Medico allows you and the physician to connect via video or audio.

Online pharmacy

Once your visit with your physician is done, you may use v-Medico to track your prescription. v-Medico also allows you to get prescription counselling and keep you informed about the status of your prescription.

Free same-day prescription delivery

v-Medico offers free same-day prescription delivery when you choose v-Medico Pharmacy Solutions. When your prescription is ready, v-Medico will arrange the delivery to your provided address. You can track the delivery status and the location of your delivery person at any time.

What we offer to our patients


v-Medico is designed to bring convenience to our patients. We have seamlessly integrated physicians to pharmacists and pharmacists to the delivery to make the visit process easy.

Physician List

We have made it easy. When you book a visit, you can select your preferred physician from the list or allow the v-Medico to suggest a physician to you.

Competitive Prescription Cost

v-Medico offers pharmacy solutions to provide you with a competitive price prescription. This is part of our value propositions to our patients if you choose to use v_Medico Pharmacy Solutions. You are welcome to use your preferred pharmacy.


You can book, reschedule, cancel a visit in less than a minute using v-Medico. When you cancel, book, and reschedule, you and your doctor will be notified via email and SMS messages.

Physicians Schedule

You have access to the physicians' schedule for the next 30 days. Simple select a physician or allow the v-Medico to suggests one to you. Then choose available appointments.

Free Same-Day Prescription Delivery

Free same-day prescription delivery is available to patients who use v-Medico Pharmacy Solutions as their preferred pharmacy. We have two deliveries in a day that you can choose when you book a visit.