v-Medico | Virtual and Physical Walk-in Medical Clinic

a visit Doesn't stop when you meet your doctor

We Simply Go Beyond the Visit to Make Your Visit Convenient

Empathy is at the core of our product design. We always ask ourselves a simple question: How can we make the visit process for our patients easier and more convenient? v-Medico is a one-stop Telemedicine platform that handles all aspects of your visit, not just the actual visit part. Ask yourself a question. What is involved in a visit journey? Does your visit end when you finish talking to your doctor? How about your medication? How about going to the pharmacy or calling your pharmacy to follow-up about your prescription? Don’t you want to know when your prescription is ready? Who is going to arrange your delivery? When your prescription will be ready?

Book a Visit

v-Medico shows you a list of available physicians and their available appointments for the next 30 days. When you book a visit, you can provide the information required by the pharmacy and your special delivery notes.

Pharmacy and Prescription

When you choose v-Medico Pharmacy Solutions, you will access in-app prescription counselling, v-Medico will update you at every step of your prescription status.

Visit Your Doctor

When you can visit your doctor via zoom video or zoom audio call.

Prescription delivery

When you choose v-Medico Pharmacy Solutions during the sign up process, v-Medico offers same-day free prescription delivery.