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Frequently asked questions

1-844-998-3363 is a toll free number.

Patients who don’t have a cell phone or feel uncomfortable with online booking can call 1-844-998-3363 and press Option 1.

When you call 1-1844-998-3363, we receive your message, and our staff will contact you with the order we have received them. Every day, we receive hundreds of voice mail. While we can’t get back to you right away, we are committed to contacting you back within a maximum of 48 hours.

If you don’t see your doctor on the list, your doctor is not part of the v-Medico.

In addition to the app, you can contact us via the following channels:

1- By phone:
Please call us at 1-844-998-3363 or 604-454-1126 and follow the options.

2- By email:
If you are uncomfortable using the app or online booking, please send us an email at:

3- For any other inquiries, please send us an email to:

Dr. Barcan left Metrotown Medical Family Practice on Oct 21. Here is her new contact information:

Unit 2 – 4655 Central Boulevard Burnaby, BC, V5H 4H7.
Phone: 604-558-1175.

We provide pharmacy solutions to process your prescription. To use our pharmacy service, in your profile you need to choose “v-Medico Pharmacy Solutions”.

Also, when you are booking your visit, you can choose to use v-Medico Pharmacy Solutions.

We provide free same-day delivery service from 3 to 6 PM, and 6 to 9 PM daily.

Downloading, installing, booking a visit is free. However, if you use our pharmacy solutions and same-day delivery, you will need to pay a platform convenience fee. 

Installing the app is free and booking a visit with the v-Medico is free of charge. However, if you need to use our competitive price online pharmacy and free same-day delivery system, then a platform convenience fee applies.

Anyone can use the app. To use the v-Medico mobile application, you need to create an account. Please note that every household must have an independent account and you cant book for someone else under your MSP number.

The v-Medico mobile application doesn’t store your credit card information. When and if you have to pay, the v-Medico mobile application takes you to a secure payment gateway(Stripe) used by millions of businesses across the world.

If you use the v-Medico to book a visit, you are required to provide a valid PHN number. We will store this in the secure OSCAR EMR systems that are used widely across Canada by a majority of the medical clinics.

In your app under the main menu, there is a support option. You can use it to reach out to our customer support personnel.

You will receive a confirmation email with the detail about your visit.

1- You need to return to the v-Medico mobile app 5 minutes before your visit.
2- Under the main menu, please go to the “My Visits”

3- Locate your visit for that day.
4- Tap on the visit and open the visit detail.

5- Your physicians will be notified by SMS that you have arrived.
6- Your physician will start the zoom meeting and will invite you to join.
7- You will receive an invitation to join your physician in the zoom meeting.
8- When your visit is done, you simply leave the zoom meeting and close your app if you don’t need us to handle your pharmacy and delivery.

Under the main menu in the app, you can find the visit you would like to cancel. Then tap on the cancel button to cancel the visit. You will receive a cancellation email, and your doctor will be notified.

Under the main menu in the app, you can find the visit you would like to reschedule. Then tap on the reschedule button to reschedule the visit. You will receive a reschedule  email confirmation, and your doctor will be notified.

Do you need to get in touch with us for more information, please visit Contact Us page