v-Medico | Virtual and Physical Walk-in Medical Clinic

Our Vision

v-Medico’s vision is to be the single platform patients use to take care of all their day-to-day healthcare needs.
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Our Mission

v-Medico’s mission is to tackle the healthcare challenges people face. We will eliminate the inefficiencies between and among patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems to deliver the desired outcomes by building and operating a telehealth platform and putting patient and physician experience at the center of what we offer to our community.

Our Values

  • We will make every decision with the customer experience in mind
  • We will strive for simplicity and harmony in our platforms
  • We will never jeopardize our customer well-being
  • We will prioritize the security of our customer data and will never share or commercialize it
  • We will be humble and learn from our failures
  • We will listen to our customers and employees
  • We will support the health and well-being of our community
  • We will work as a team to delight our customers every day