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Important Message to v-Medico patients

Dear valued v-Medico patients,

Please follow the below important announcement regarding the clinic closure:

What Happened:


We are so sorry and sad to announce that on Sept 12, Dr. Teimoori and Dr. Shahsavan left the practice withliterally no notice for personal reasons despite the fact that they had at 3 years contract with the v-Medico.


As a result, Dr. Ramezani and Dr. Nel couldn’t continue to serve the v-Medico’s patients as backup virtualwalk-in physicians, and v-Medico had to shut down its operation entirely.


  • 1- Even though v-Medico’s operation is stopped, v-Medico will continue monitoring for the results for three months from Sept 12 to Dec 12.
  • 2- If you are patient waiting for your lab results ordered by any of the doctors, your doctor who ordered your lab, will contact you as soon as we receive the results. The results will be attached to your charts.
  • 3- After Dec 12, the operation will be entirely shutdown, as it usually takes up to 3 months to clear the pending results from lab or radiology or consultation results.
  • 4- We urge you to contact the division mailto:burnabypatients@burnabydivision.ca immediately to put your name on the waitlist and for the next step.
  • 5- Beyond the Dec 12, v-Medico will keep your record with a hope to find new doctors, or can release your medical records to you with one of the following methods:
    •         5-1 Transferring and storing your records in a record keeping company which will cost ~$110 if you need to get your records from the record keeping companies; or
    •         5-2 You can request your medical records from v-Medico by emailing to patientsupport@v-medico.com. Please note that there will be administration cost associated to 
                     releasing the records.

Please note that only the email address patientsupport@v-medico.com will be monitored, therefore please DON’T send any email to another email address.




Schedule a visit

Using v-Medico gives you access to a list of physicians and their available schedule. Then you can book an appointment time that fits your schedule. v-Medico allows you and the physician to connect via video or audio.

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Online prescriptions

Track Your Prescription, Coming Soon

Once your visit with your physician is done, you may use v-Medico to track your prescription. v-Medico also allows you to receive prescription counselling and keep you informed about the status of your prescription.

Free same-day delivery, Coming Soon

v-Medico offers free same-day prescription delivery when you choose v-Medico Pharmacy Solutions. When your prescription is ready, v-Medico will arrange the delivery to your provided address. You can track the delivery status and the location of your delivery person at any time.

Same-day prescription delivery

What we offer to our patients

Convenience for patients


v-Medico is designed to bring convenience to our patients. We have seamlessly integrated physicians to pharmacists and pharmacists to the delivery to make the visit process easy.

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Physician List

We made the process easier for you. When you book a visit, you can select your preferred physician from the list or allow v-Medico to suggest a physician to you.

Online prescriptions

Track Your Prescription

v-Medico allows you to track prescriptions in your app if your physician has faxed your prescription electronically to your pharmacy. You will receive notifications on your app when your prescription is processed.

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You can book, reschedule, or cancel a visit in less than a minute using v-Medico. When you cancel, book, and reschedule, you and your doctor will be notified via email and SMS messages.

Physician scheduling

Physicians Schedule

You have access to the physicians' schedule for the next 30 days. Simply select a physician or allow v-Medico to suggest one for you. Then choose available appointments.

Same-day prescription delivery

Free Same-Day Prescription Delivery

Free same-day prescription delivery is available to patients who use v-Medico Pharmacy Solutions as their preferred pharmacy. We have two deliveries that you can choose from when you book a visit.